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The Brief

C27 was tasked with assisting Hong Leong Bank in integrating IBM Watson into their credit card call centre. IBM Watson, through its AI capabilities, helps to solve problems more efficiently by crawling through historical data like past interactions, banking details, and account movements.


The Challenges

  • 80% of a call at Hong Leong Bank's call centre is spent on finding out what the problem is.
  • Only 20% of the call is spent on solving the actual problem.
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    The Thought Process

    Optimising the Call Centre Response Rate Using UI/UX "

    We decided to tackle this brief using what we do best – UI and UX design and system integrations.

    With the use of a chatbot, the system gives the call centre operator the top 2 reasons of why a customer is calling, before they even pick up their phones, at a 98% success rate.

    This way, it increases efficiency of calls and lowers the barriers of entry to hire a credit card call centre representative.


    The Chatbot



    Since we were targeting a younger audience, we needed to create a design that was familiar to users. Our initial design was clean and minimal, while still matching the Watson Explorer overall colour and style.



    The next stage of our design included adding a chatbot character as well as design elements that gave a more techy feel.



    The final design combined the best of both worlds from the first and second option.


    WEX (Watson Explorer)

    UI/UX Design

    Our UI/UX designs were created with touch screens in mind.

    Data visualisation

    Data visualisation helped call centre responders see the most important data first.

    Information at your fingertips

    A responder could easily key in a caller’s credit card number to view their profile and access information.

    A clear view

    The home screen clearly showcases all the caller’s information at a glance.


    The Interface

    The overall interface features minimal design elements and short copy, making for easy and quick access to information.

    The Interface